This is me

I provide inspiration and to empower others (YOU), to seek joy and beauty in your everyday life.  To parent with compassion, integrity, faith and creativity.  To take one day at a time.  To send out a gentle reminder that we must not loose our sense of humour(sometimes it is the only sense I have left). 

I am...a thirty something self-proclaimed ‘MacGyver’ Momma who has been guilty of producing ‘pretty little things’ after I have stealthily ransacked ones forbidden junk drawer. I aim to love some, laugh some, play some, learn some, pray some and create some everyday. I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that I am still ‘becoming’. I am a shameless student who is learning to be kinder to herself as I haphazardly navigate my way towards getting to know and falling in love with my authentic, imperfect, easily distracted, mistake makin’ self.

I be an example of kindness while assisting others in feeling a sense of belonging and acceptance.

I pray...Let's create a happy life, TOGETHER!