Sunday, 24 November 2013

Inside Out

How often do you find yourself thinking about things you wished you would have said. Moments, long gone of  words left unsaid. Missed opportunities of times when your opinion, spoken from personal experience, spoken from your heart could have helped someone. Words are a powerful force. They can be used as weapons, for certain. They can also be healers and saviours and protectors. We live in a world of big voices. We live in a world that likes to silence quiet ones. We live among people who will only appreciate your opinion if it matches theirs. Speak your truth anyway. If you have been knocked down, shut up, ignored, quieted, shushed, misunderstood, judged or abandoned, you still have a voice. If you are afraid, shy, trapped behind walls, stuck, pretending or oppressed, you still exist. Your voice belongs to you. Find your voice. The world needs and deserves to hear you. You deserve to be heard. You have a voice, even if you believe no one is listening. Sometimes our voice is all we have left.  Your voice is your gift. Use it. Then keep speaking...I love the sound of your voice.

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