Wednesday, 13 November 2013're not it...

What drives you? What inspires you? What are your passions? These are questions I ask myself often. As a matter of fact, too often.
  The pursuit of happiness has morphed into the ever rotating whirlwind known as the rat race. So what are you chasing? Your passion? Your dreams? Someone else's? When was the last time you stopped to peruse the pursuit?
  What would happen if we just stopped.  Just stopped running. Stopped chasing. Stopped the huffing and puffing...and...stood...still.  Forget the fear of others passing you by. Forget what we are chasing. Forget what we are running from. Forget the fear of what may be chasing us.  What if we simply let ourselves BE. Stand with yourself. Still. Quiet. 
  Take an opportunity to step off of the treadmill.  Quiet the noise pollution that fill us up until we fear we may explode. Listen to the sound of your breath. Hear the beats of your heart. your eyes yourself.  If only for the moment.

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