Sunday, 17 November 2013


Back in the day, before we were consumed with consuming and hysterically preoccupied, we helped one another. We relied on eachother. Our very existence depended on it. We looked out for one another. We were acutely aware of the needs of the whole. Everyone had a role and they executed their task. Each person zoned into their talents and knew how they could contribute to the whole. Where have we gone wrong? How could the human race descend so far from our real purpose? We have become a direct disheartened and hardened product of our fall from grace.
  Many of us walk around completely unaware of our bottom fed existence. Waking, existing and sleeping soundly in spite of our troubled spirits. We are loosing. Loosing ourselves, loosing eachother, loosing our planet. We are lost.
How do we rediscover ourselves, how do we reintroduce ourselves to one another? One Help ourselves by helping others. Reach out. Notice eachother again. Find a need, and then fill it. It really is that simple. A good deed is a good deed. And paying it forward is a superb idea. But what if it didn't take someone doing something nice to you, for you to do something nice for another? What if, you just decided to take a look and truly see where you are needed. Decide you can help. We need to relearn how to fill in the gaps and make a connection. We must begin  to work and live together again. Humans were not meant to merely exist. We are meant to thrive, together. We were built to live off of the land, and in return to deposit our energies and knowledge and appreciate this planet for what it provides. We are meant to lift eachother up. To assist others in attaining their goals. It is time to reflect and redefine our needs versus our wants.
  When my son was born, like all mothers, I held him on my heart and I wept. I examined him for hours. I was in awe of his beauty and innocence. I knew in those moments he was untouched by society. I also was very aware that his innocence could not last. I knew I had to share him with the world. I thought at the time that the only thing I had to offer him was love. I know now that just isn't true. Loving him unconditionally is an important gift yes, but I can also show him what kindness and compassion is. The only way to do that is to be that, everyday. To show him how to behave in a world that often forgets how to give. To help him understand that we must be the light that shines into the darkness. I want my son to shine his light.
Offering ourselves to another can be overwhelming and scary.  But it is so important to return to matters of the heart, wholeheartedly.  Are there risks in loving? You bet. What you have to offer may not always be welcome or reciprocated. You also open yourself to being taken advantage of, sure, we are human afterall.  But the core of our being is our spirit. NOW is the time to share our light and illuminate our spirits. Our very survival depends upon igniting that fire. We must quiet our mind and start listening and feeling and acting from our hearts. Start small if you must. Just begin. Be the light. Shine your light so brightly you spark. Ignite your spirit...ignite the world.

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