Tuesday, 5 November 2013

You are 'WE'

  While waiting for the car to warm up today, my seven year old son says, 'Mom, we're pretty special you and me'.  I know what he is saying. That him and I, that 'WE' are special. I respond, 'Yes, we are'. I remind him how special he is to me, to the world. I tell him how special he makes me feel. I look him in the eye and tell him that is what makes 'US' special. I tell him that it is a gift for the whole world to see.  I listen to him sigh with contentment as he looks out the window smiling. I drive off in our warm car with a warm heart.
  The world needs to see more of that don't you think? More special. Find someone, anyone TODAY and make them feel special. Allow someone the precious gift to return the favour.  Share your special for all to see. The world needs to be reminded every so often that we are all special. Because every single one of us belongs to the 'WE'.

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